Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Building a Blog:

Guest Speaker: Kathy Wheat author/blogger of

Kathy focuses on database marketing & consulting professionally, but her passion is for cooking! Kathy created the website where she shares her passion for healthy & local eating. The website focuses on fresh recipes and tries to demystify the concept that healthy cooking is too hard and too time consuming to enjoy. She often explores aspects of local & sustainable eating and how we can all easily incorporate these basics into daily life.

Kathy's blog is well read (check out her rating on technorati) and influential for hobbyist cooks. Product marketers, take note: her Broken blender replacement saga will inform a potential customer or two for a long time about the merits of Blendtec vs. Vitamix blenders. She's got a call out there to one of the darling sites of the blogosphere,, which went viral to great acclaim. If you were considering buying a new blender, and found this while you were looking for information, what would you decide? If you're a product marketer and are on the fence about whether you should be blogging or not, think for a moment about the power of a product experience testimonial like Kathy's.

In the last quarter of 2007 Kathy was picked up for sponsorship by Food Buzz as a "Featured Publisher." Food Buzz is working to create the premier network of foodies - whether you just like to eat or like to blog about eating - there is something for you.

Additionally at the end of 2007 Kathy published her first cookbook. Its primarily vegetarian but helps to demystify unfamiliar vegetables and shares ideas on how to eat them. She looks forward to creating future cookbooks and continuing her passion for food!


Anonymous said...

Kathy's recipies and blog are fantastic! As a vegeterian, it's great to see new and tasty dishes when your choices for ingredients are a bit more limited.

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